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Dog Training Resources

Reward-based training is an excellent way to develop:

·         Basic groundwork skills (name/attention, targeting, etc.)

·         Good manners (sit, down, stay, etc.)

·         Polite leash walking

·         Housetraining (includes crate training and teaching appropriate chewing)

·         Recall (coming when called)

·         Polite greetings and door manners


Good Manners Training is the foundation for creating a strong bond with your dog and a magnificent way to develop a positive method of communication with your dog.


Good Manners Training includes basic behaviors such as:


· Sit

· Stay

· Down

· Recall

· Polite Leash Walking

· Leave It


You will learn the basics of how dogs learn and use this information to create success in your training. You will also be given creative suggestions for incorporating training into everyday situations with your dog.



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